Mindset makes the difference

November 02 2019

Abundance and scarcity doesn’t simply refer to money; it’s a way of life. Whether you view options as limited or limitless will determine what opportunities come your way, the quality of your relationships, your daily mood, and your chances of success. An abundant mindset sends people out into the world generously. These are the most […]


Ask for what you need

October 24 2019

Before you can ask, you have to know what you need. When you pay attention to how you ask for what you need, you may be surprised. If you fail to voice for what it is that you require, how will the universe bring it to you? Owning your feelings gives you the platform to […]


Want more? 7 ways to raise your standards today

October 16 2019

“You dont get what you want, you get what you tolerate.” Tonya Leigh Tonya Leigh has great perspective on living life artfully and well. She encourages her clients to establish a Red Velvet Rope policy — the idea that you treat your life like a carefully cultivated VIP nightclub. Imagine a strict dress code, exclusive […]


14 ways to upgrade your environment

October 08 2019

Your external world impacts your inner world. When you’re surrounded by beautiful things, you show up in a more inspired way. Too often we fail to pay real attention to what is around us. Get intentional about the world in which you live. To encourage you to begin, here are 14 ways to upgrade the environment […]


Converting risk into opportunity

September 29 2019

Risk is often associated with negative consequence and bad bets. Yet sometimes risk can bring opportunity, growth, confidence, and responsibility. The right risk-taking behaviors build self esteem and self-efficacy, the belief in your own ability to perform and create change. Positive risk-taking encourages you to take control over your own life. Examples of risk converted […]


Your emotional GPS

September 20 2019

How do I feel? What do I need? These two questions can unlock the map to your ultimate destination. Emotions are a powerful force that can help make decisions, steer outcomes, and turn dreams into reality. The path isn’t always clear, but if you pay close attention, you can find your way home.


Greatest hits

September 05 2019

After the heartbreak. After the disappointment. After the success. After the pause. After the silence. After the chaos. After the work. After the lull. After the reflection. After the mistake. After the accolades. Your greatest hit might be just around the corner. Wait for it.


1:1 coaching – in person or online

August 26 2019

After receiving so many requests to “pick my brain,” I’m offering one-on-one coaching slots, both in-person and online. We can talk about community building, organizing, branding, marketing, personal development, and more. What’s available: New York, New York (face-to-face – limited slots available) Denver-Boulder, Colorado (face-to-face – limited slots available) Worldwide – Zoom or Skype call […]


When you can’t read the sign

August 20 2019

Sometimes the sign is right in front of you and you can see it clearly for yourself. Sometimes the sign is blurry and you have to squint. Sometimes you don’t see any sign at all. Sometimes someone else can help you see what is in front of you. Find the person who helps you see.


The power of silence

August 16 2019

Silence creates tension. Tension creates power. Use wisely.