The risk of vulnerability

July 30 2018

Vulnerability is associated with weakness and inferiority, yet exposing your true self requires strength and conviction. The future is uncertain, and there’s no telling how events will pan out. Find the courage to live your best life — truly, freely, authentically.


The stories you tell

July 24 2018

Every day you tell yourself stories; stories about what you are capable of, about who loves you, about the work you do, about the family you belong to, about the money you make, about the way you look in the mirror. These stories are fuel for your tomorrow. They are the kindle for your actions. […]


In search of health and wellbeing

July 17 2018

An ayurvedic center in Nepal offers month-long programs for people who have fallen out of good health. Practitioners target various elements in the body believing that once balance is restored, a calmer, more peaceful state of living will be experienced. Diet, yoga, cleansing and various ayurvedic practices are incorporated into treatment plans, and participants are […]


Is it ready?

July 13 2018

It might never be. You will always find another mistake. Another word to change. A function to edit, a feature to add. The work is knowing you’ve put the effort forth and done your due diligence. Ship courageously. Click publish. Release your art into the world. Trust the process.


5 ways to add magic to your life

July 05 2018

1. Say yes. To people, to adventures, to new experiences, to uncomfortable situations. Saying yes will help you unravel all that life has to offer. Remove “what ifs” from your imagination and stay open. 2. Love fully. Love yourself whole-heartedly, love others willingly, love the circumstances life brings you. Loving keeps you humble, generous, and […]


When you think you can’t

July 01 2018

1. Breathe 2. Do a bit more research 3. Call a supportive friend 4. Remind yourself of what you’ve already done and how much you are capable of 5. Do something else you know you can, then come back to it 6. Tell yourself you can 7. Try


What do you want more than anything?

June 23 2018

Grit. Determination. Focus. Passion. Stubbornness. Courage. Diligence. Patience. Your biggest dreams will require all of these and more. You will wonder whether your sacrifices are “worth it.” You will question your decisions and make mistakes. You will disappoint others. You will disappoint yourself. Your resolve will be tested, over and over again. But if you […]


Find what fuels you

June 17 2018

art music nature fixing writing walking helping praying laughing tinkering exploring reading hiking organizing scultping discovering drawing planting analyzing dancing donating planning dreaming yoga hosting gardening meditating sewing giving playing cleaning running loving singing crafts gratitude building painting connecting do more of that.


You are your greatest asset

June 10 2018

Take the steps you need to make sure you are first on your priority list. Take care of your health. Take care of your inner space. Take care of your most important relationships. There is no other you. Take care.


How to build confidence

June 02 2018

Confidence can be a deal breaker. Take two individuals, one with above-average talent and little confidence and the other with little talent and above-average confidence, and the confident person will most likely come out ahead. The difference between the two is that the confident person has practiced. Very few people are born confident; confidence stems from […]