Ask yourself these two questions before writing marketing material

October 13 2017

1. Who are you writing for? [audience] Think about the audience you wish to target. What do they want? What do they need? What makes them care? What do you want them to do? What happens if they don’t do anything? Know who you are writing for and tailor your messages accordingly. 2. What is […]


What is your sacrifice?

October 04 2017

If you don’t have an answer, you don’t love it enough. If you care, REALLY care about (fill in blank with your: project, partner, job, client), you will sacrifice something. Results don’t come without sacrifice. You might sacrifice time or quality or money or reputation or fame. But if you don’t know what you have […]


Two communication channels

September 28 2017

Communication is a cornerstone of healthy, successful relationships. Your ability to communicate affects all aspects of your life: your workplace, at home, in personal relationships, even your vacation. We can define communication in one of two categories, open or closed channels. Open channels: Are clear and direct Leave less room for misinterpretation and confusion Question-centric […]


Two factors to measure success

September 24 2017

How do you measure your success, is is the numbers in your bank account, your title at the firm, the number of clients you land in a month? In this moment, do you consider yourself a failure? Or would you describe yourself as a success? I have written about how we define and measure success […]


“What took you the longest to learn?”

September 18 2017

Oprah asks her guests this question on her Super Soul podcasts. A thoughtful pause follows, and the answer is often a mix of wistfulness, courage, sometimes even regret. How would you answer the same question? What lesson has taken you the longest to learn?


Stop playing small

September 07 2017

What would you do if there were no obstacles? If money and time were not considerations? If you knew you would not fail? Your playing small serves no one.


Recognizing distance

September 01 2017

We often consider how far we have to left to go. Three more days until holiday. $10,000 to hit our fundraiser. Two terms left in the fiscal year. Four more miles in this run. Six credits to meet requirements. Yet how often do we measure and appreciate the distance we’ve traveled? Let the ground you’ve […]


When your world turns black

August 23 2017

Your project will fail. Your spouse will file for divorce. You’ll be looked over for the promotion. You’ll lose money on your startup. Your child will get arrested. People will talk badly about you. It will start raining as soon as you leave the office. All of these things can happen. Are you prepared? Life […]


Consume or create

August 18 2017

The internet has made it easy to sit back and watch and endlessly consume other people’s opinions, actions, projects, and work. It is now so easy to be a passive observer, to be someone who sits on the sidelines while others play in the game. It is difficult to create. It takes time and dedication […]



August 12 2017

A missed promotion. A late project. An injury. A disagreement with a loved one. A failed deal. A lost partnership. An audition with no call back. When you hit a speed bump or obstacle, how do you deal? Do you focus on what cannot be and concentrate on what is out of your control? Or […]