Above, beyond, and the unexpected

March 31 2018

Anyone can construct a building and call it a hotel. Some will care about cleanliness and service. A few more will add personal touches, unique decorations, or interesting artifacts. Fewer still will care about the unexpected, delighting guests in the process: Hats and gloves and a warm jacket folded for winter months, hot bottles of […]


Your daily five

March 24 2018

Five minutes. Five minutes in the park or walking around the block. Five minutes to remind you that YOU are the most important item on your to-do list. A five minute reward. Linger over your morning coffee, stop into the bakery, or visit the farmer’s market on your way home. Play an at-home yoga video, light […]


52 ways to connect

March 19 2018

Make a phone call. Send flowers. Write a note. Return an email. Volunteer with a local organization. Donate books. Host a garage sale. Share a hug. Cook dinner for friends. Surprise an older relative. Join a club. Listen to a motivational podcast. Take a walk in nature. Smile to a stranger. Use first names in […]


In defense of certificates

March 11 2018

Certificates, medals, awards, recognition dinners. Necessary? Perhaps not. Here in Nepal, I can get a certificate for donating blood, for giving money, for simply showing up at an event. A piece of paper is not always meaningful. I could argue that the rate in which certificates are doled out lessens their value. But public appreciation […]


Your plan should not include a miracle

March 04 2018

This is the best piece of advice I have received: If you’re planning on a miracle, you don’t have a plan. A large sum of money that suddenly comes into your possession. A phone call from a famous person who wants to interview you. A perfect press announcement in the nation’s most popular newspaper. A […]


What if nobody shows up?

February 24 2018

What if nobody comes? If your product isn’t well received? If you get one bad review after the next? What if you thrill five people? And those five people are so impressed by your work that they tell their friends. Then five more people try your services or show up to your event or read […]


One week of consistency (a challenge)

February 15 2018

What are the habits that define you? What are the actions that you take every day, no matter what? What are your “non-negotiables,” aspects of your day that you refuse to compromise, day in and day out? Now…what do you want to change? In one week, I challenge you to bring more awareness to your […]


Top 5 posts (an anniversary special)

February 09 2018

In March 2012, I began this blog as a way to encourage empathy, prompt curiosity of others, and push networking conversations into something more meaningful than the pass-out-business-cards-conferences and set up fifteen-minute-coffee-dates situations I kept finding myself in. Since that time, my writings have brought many interesting people to me. I have been fortunate to […]


The path in front of you

February 03 2018

It’s difficult to know what path to choose in terms of love, life, and work. Many of us are fortunate to be faced with choices (many choices): who to marry, where to live, what to do for an income. Yet so many choices can be both paralyzing and confusing. Even depressing. What if, instead of […]


Life gives you cycles, embrace them

January 26 2018

The natural world has visible cycles. Earth lies fallow but with rain, new plants sprout to life. Leaves fall and spring comes again. Inhales and exhales. This same life force runs through you. We exhale in order to breathe. Sometimes you feel alive and energetic and awake. Other times you feel tired, alone, and shy. Why […]