Be who you are without apology

November 06 2018

Be who you are Without apology   Sensitive observer Fierce warrior Over the top performer Quiet recluse Lover Fighter Advocate   Certain people will be drawn to you Others will be repelled   You will not make everyone happy You will hurt some Disappoint others Fail to meet expectations, your own and the world’s   […]


Want to leave a lasting impression? Do this.

November 01 2018

People want to be snapped out of their reverie. They want something different, something new. They want the unexpected to happen. And this is why most people’s faces are tucked into their devices, mindlessly scrolling. They are searching for meaning. They want to find something that makes them feel. Anything — A photo, a comment, […]


How do you want to be known?

October 26 2018

A lot of people are searching. We’re questioning the ways things are done and how they are run, the notion of work, the ways in which we live, and the relationships we invest our time in. We’re actively searching for meaning, for what makes us happy and how we can have an impact — whether helping […]


Why are you waiting?

October 17 2018

Money When I have enough saved, when I make more, after we sell the house. Work When I quit, for the next job, during vacation, this weekend. Relationship When I am divorced, when I find The One, when I am single, after we get married, when she leaves. Time Next year, three months from now, […]


Guilt is worthless (mostly)

October 14 2018

Guilt can be split into two faces: The kind that is paralyzing and negative, a harmful state that serves nothing and no one; and the kind that can help you fix what is broken. The first kind, for obvious reasons, is worthless. This kind of guilt will trick you into thinking you are worthless. It […]


Sweet and spicy

October 04 2018

The most talented chefs have memorized which flavors keep diners coming back for more. These particular dishes aren’t ones that fall into strict “Spicy,” “Sour,” or “Sweet” categories. Instead, they combine elements of several flavor profiles and artfully merge them into one. The best freelancers — and lovers — understand this balance, too. Give a […]


Strike while the iron is hot

September 23 2018

Success is complicated. Failure can be easier to unpack (and accept); a boot stomping out a potential future. Success, however, leads into a winding, mystifying unknown. This is scary to many people and for good reason. When things start to go right, how do you respond? Do you take credit or attribute some outside force […]


Time to rest

September 15 2018

With expectations from work and family, one of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face is deciding when to push and when to rest. Drawing lines and setting boundaries can be difficult with so many demands, yet rest can be an asset to your schedule and goals, providing the inspiration and stamina needed to finish tough projects and […]


When there isn’t a spark

September 09 2018

When your heart no longer flutters in your relationship, at work, or for a project, you have a decision: 1.) Walk away 2) Dig in If you choose Option 1, take time to consider what went well about the experience. What aspects were enjoyable? What attracted you in the first place? For Option 2, make […]


SEO fundamentals

August 28 2018

Most small business owners have heard of SEO and know this is the secret sauce that can push your content up the list of search engines. But many do not know exactly what it entails or how to put it into practice. Here are some SEO basics: Research You have to know not only what […]