Ignore them

September 03 2015

There’s always a comment. No matter how great your effort is, how flawless your work, someone can do it better.

They’re whispering, “Your competitor is further along. Another company has edged you out this quarter. Her work is getting more publicity, more recognition.”

You’re spending time reading comments. “His project is scoring more funding. They’re getting all the sales.”

It doesn’t matter.

Keep on and stay the course. (It’s your course and your course alone. Not…


The responsibility to connect

August 27 2015

We have tools at our fingertips to connect and unite. Different levels of support, layers of talent, examples to reference. With access comes choice.

What if “connecting” was an obligation? Would you make that call? Send that email? Reprioritize your schedule?

Your introduction could match a promising worker with an employer in need, build a bridge for a new partnership, make someone’s work a little easier.

Often, it isn’t a lack of opportunity or awareness but…


The path to purpose may not be straight

August 21 2015

Employees, employers, job seekers alike have recognized there is no direct route to The Role, The Position, The Job, The Title, The Mission. What was once seen as a liner progression has evolved into a winding, twisting path in which many skills are acquired along the way. Because of this, overlaps have found themselves folded between industries, and relationships blossom in places once before unrealized.

This is what…



August 13 2015

Screw ups. Everyone makes them. They’re part of the creative process, embedded into music, wired into our brain. So why is it so difficult to let go of them?

Redefining “mistake” turns dirt into gold. When you trade in unrealistic expectations and begin to cherish the unexpected, you gain valuable opportunities and news ways of seeing the world around you.

Tweet me: How do you define mistakes?…


7 steps to find your purpose

August 04 2015

“How do I find my purpose?” I hear this one a lot.

It’s a big question, and in Western society, a lot of weight is placed on the answer. When I came across mine, I wasn’t looking. In fact, I had given up the pro/con lists and analysis charts, and I donated “What Color Is Your Parachute?” to the local bookstore. I very well understood what I did and…


“It’s showtime.”

July 27 2015

Audible groans fill the train. A man with a bike is asked to move, and after refusing, a much taller man carries the bike to the back of the car. Reluctantly, the biker follows. Three performers fill the empty space and press play on a steady beat. Six pack abs curl around poles as the train lurches slowly towards Brooklyn. Flipping, stomping, twirling, hopping. A second dancer begins his routine, less steady than the…


5 ways to be a great manager

July 21 2015

Managing people is hard. I think this is why there are so many bad bosses. Now that I’m leading a team of my own, I’ve realized how much skill goes into becoming a great manager.

While leadership traits may come naturally to some, managers can make the effort to create cohesive, hardworking teams and establish workplaces filled with satisfied employees.

Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard…


Excuses (If…then)

July 14 2015

When I have enough money, then I’ll volunteer my time.

When the kids are out of the house, then I’ll travel.

When I become famous, then I’ll write a book.

When I’m less busy, then I’ll start going to the gym.

Focus too much on when, and then may never happen. Focus on then, and when becomes less important. Our dreams are far too valuable to take a backseat to circumstance.



July 08 2015

fail try fail try try try SUCCESS fail fail fail try almost try try try made it try fail try SUCCESS try fail try SUCCESS try fail fail try almost made it try fail try SUCCESS try try try try SUCCESS fail SUCCESS fail try SUCCESS fail fail fail try try fail try fail try fail SUCCESS try try almost try SUCCESS made it fail fail fail try try…


15 links to supercharge your bookmark bar

June 30 2015

Mix it up. Read good writing. Read bad writing. Learn something new. Remember something old. Get inspired. A few of my bookmarked favorites (in no particular order):

  1. Alltop
  2. Fast Company
  3. :zenhabits
  4. Brain Pickings
  5. Derek Sivers
  6. Farnam Street
  7. Zig Ziglar
  8. Steven Pressfield
  9. David Lee
  10. McSweeney’s Internet Tendency
  11. Reid Hoffman
  12. Lifehacker
  13. ReadWrite

  14. More...
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