How can you avoid burnout?

June 09 2021
photograph of a burning fire

This is an important question. These six considerations can help: You can’t be everything to everyone, and that is okay. 2. Sometimes you will be recognized for your work. Sometimes no one will notice. Surround yourself with like-minded people — people who have your back and respect what you do. 3. Take time away. Say […]


7 steps to better questions

May 30 2021
woman in blue suit jacket

Better questions deepen relationships, build trust, and increase confidence. With intention and practice, your questions can become tools that strengthen your business and enhance personal relationships. Here are seven ways you can start: 1. Begin with an informed approach. Before asking any questions, do your research. Learn more about the company, read up on the […]


Show, don’t tell

May 26 2021
ethnic female cafe owner showing welcome we are open inscription

If you want to attract premium clients, selling won’t work. You have to show why someone should buy from you. Sure, a high-end customer might be ready to pay, and they may want to commit long-term. Why? Because they trust you. They’ve watched you regularly show up and prove that what you say and do […]


When your product is “FREE,” is it worth it?

May 21 2021
crop man getting dollars from wallet

Price isn’t simply an amount, it’s a representation. This is how good we are, this is why you should trust us, this is the commitment, this is the value you’ll receive. Yes, FREE can help solidify a brand and attract customers. Maybe it can make selling easier. But unless you’re using “free” to establish consistent revenue, […]


Your WHY

May 10 2021
kettle with plastic cups prepared on wooden box

It’s easy to get caught up in choices that don’t matter: The website design, the colors, the marketing channel, the social media story. Decisions should evolve from your WHY. If you don’t know why you’re doing what you’re doing (and who it’s for), details are irrelevant. So if you find yourself focusing on unnecessary fluff, […]


“Can coaching help me?” 7 questions to ask

April 17 2021
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Is coaching worth the investment? Will something extraordinary happen after working with a coach? Coaches can be the spark plug you need to move towards goals and become more aware of sabotaging patterns. A trained coach holds you accountable, charts your progress, and cheers as you make professional and personal strides. But how do you […]


What is marketing?

April 13 2021

When I changed industries — from social work to advertising — I was skeptical. Why would an international branding agency want to hire me, a M.S.W. (social work) graduate from Columbia? They did, and here’s why: Empathy. They knew I could question: How to analyze behavior and communities, how to look for factors that contribute to the way in […]


The miracle question

April 07 2021

The miracle question is my favorite kind of question. These question types can reveal what you really want — what you wish you could do if fear and risk weren’t in the equation. If I cut you a check for one million dollars, what would you do? What would change? What is your first decision, […]


Not everyone wants passion

March 30 2021
brown canoe in the body of water near mountain

They might say they want passion, that excitement and energy is magnetic and alluring. But they don’t really want it. Stability is comfortable, and safety is reliable. Passion inserts question marks into shadows and corners. It’s the same with knowledge and education, opportunity and progress; publicly, someone might say they want these things, but do […]


When you’re uncertain

March 24 2021
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You’re not sure which path to choose, which relationship to nourish, when to say yes, how to say no. You’re worried about picking the “best” option or the “right” road — or worried you’re missing the bigger picture altogether. Do you think you might fail? Look how far you’ve already come. Somehow, someway, there is […]