10 unpleasant things that are actually good for you

October 20 2016

Sticking to a schedule – Having a reliable structure gives you the space to create and dream. The same routine again and again might sound boring, but repetition contributes to mastery and improved skills.

Failing – Disappointments test your motivation and resolve. Failures can encourage you to try again and come back stronger.

Heartbreak – Great lessons can be learned from failed relationships, and the period following a breakup or divorce is ripe for self improvement…


How to write an article that goes viral

October 13 2016

Quitting everything to go to Nepal is one of the scariest pieces I have published. I felt like a gutted fish, open and raw, when I wrote it. I had just come back from my first trip to Nepal, and I had so many thoughts swirling in my mind. I didn’t know how to share them and no one wanted to hear ALL of my stories, so I started…


A recipe for finding answers

October 05 2016

Go someplace quiet
Where you are truly alone
Turn off everything
Your phone, especially
And sit
Listen to your thoughts
Five minutes
Where does your mind take you
Ten minutes
Where does your heart take you
Fifteen minutes
What do you really, really want?
Be still
Be quiet
Repeat once a week (at least!)
And watch your life unfold


7 ways to make sure your next meeting is not terrible

September 27 2016

1. Get curious
Gather input and collect information from your team before the meeting is scheduled. What are employees struggling with? What would help them reach their goals?

2. Turn it into a competition
Split attendees into teams. Award points and reward initiative. You can keep a running tally from month to month and provide incentives for top scores.

3. Actively participate
Be prepared to present your own views and concerns instead of sitting passively…


Travel and volunteering

September 24 2016

Travel isn’t just about a place, it’s about the people you meet along the way, and volunteering can be a wonderful way to connect. Not only will you learn more about the community, their culture, their struggles and their celebrations, you can help in a meaningful way — perhaps even leave a lasting impact.

But as a traveler, you have responsibility. You have responsibility for the choices…


Are you spending too much time at work?

September 17 2016

The eight-hour workday was designed to get the most out of workers in order to run around-the-clock business. After observing inefficiencies of exhausted workers, Robert Owen split the day into three eight-hour blocks: work, play and rest. Even Henry Ford mirrored this formula. Yet bonuses, overtime pay, and office bragging rights have incentivized long work hours. As a result, fatigue is common in workplaces across…


If you’re honest

September 10 2016

What could happen?
What are you afraid of?
What’s the risk?
What’s the benefit?
Who would you disappoint?
What if they don’t like you?
What if they laugh?
What if you’re wrong?


How to talk to young people about entrepreneurship

September 02 2016

Our culture is obsessed with success — mostly because success, as portrayed in media, is sandwiched between wealth and fame. This idealist notion of success, especially in terms of entrepreneurship, has extreme consequences. Hearing stories about those select few who have made millions can alter young entrepreneurs’ expectations of themselves and their perspectives on the future.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for most of my life, and I’ve been teaching skills associated…


4 questions for quality content (how to beat luck)

August 27 2016

You don’t need Oprah to put your name on a list or the New York Times to cover your work. Even the team that secured $5 million in funding and celebrity endorsements can envy you. How? Content.

Content is what you say and how you say it. How you tell a story. How you connect with your audience. It could be a Facebook post, a photo on Instagram, a regular blog. If you…


When DENIED doesn’t matter

August 18 2016

Recently, I’ve been receiving a lot of “No’s.” The proposals and emails I’m sending are falling flat, and my inbox is filled with rejections and denials.


I could let these responses discourage me, but I’m not. I’m using them as fuel. Like my friend Jodi says, “Care enough to push past the ‘No’.”

Rejection doesn’t have to mean failure; it can be a wonderful teacher. Jodi…

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