Relax, everything is going to be OK

May 24 2016

If you knew everything would be OK, would you spend more time with your close friends? Take more time for yourself? Eat differently? Leave the office earlier?

If you knew the outcome would be OK, would you relax, ease up? Work harder?

How would your strategy change?

If everything was going to be OK, would you save more? Worry less? Sleep at night?

Of course there’s a chance it won’t…


“It’s not my job.”

May 18 2016

Taking responsibility inevitably sets you up, while watching from the sidelines gives you that head start should an anvil hit. There’s always the option to run.

When you step in to do a little more and claim ownership (no matter how small), the work becomes personal. This is where thoughtful decisions are made and jobs are performed with integrity.

“It’s not my job” is too big of a shortcut to take, especially if you’re hoping to get…


If you’re in a funk (31 ways to destroy a bad mood)

May 12 2016
  1. Go sit in a different room.
  2. Take 5 minutes to be quiet and still (turn off your phone, set an alarm if you must).
  3. Walk outside.
  4. Search for your favorite artist’s playlist on youtube.
  5. Invest in an essential oil you love. Two drops can do wonders.
  6. Write a list of 5 things you are thankful for in this moment.
  7. Treat yourself (massage, cupcake, small gift).
  8. Make…

One shot

May 06 2016

When you only have one chance, it matters. Your heart races, your mind scans all the outcomes — what if I fail? what if I make a mistake? what if I lose? what if I win? — and you do your best not to blow it.

Faced with twenty shots, however, you start to relax. Your breathing levels out as there isn’t as much pressure to perform. You savor the experience knowing there’s another chance. If you do…


What entrepreneurs don’t really talk about

April 29 2016

Last week: This sucks! What am I doing? Why am I here?

This week: This is awesome! We’re doing so good! Look, it’s working!

And so forth. Up and down, up and down, up and down.

I know I’m not the only entrepreneur with these rollercoaster moments.

The trick is managing these “low” moments just long enough while trusting that better moments are around the corner. A difficult, but extremely necessary skill.

Success isn’t always about numbers. And…


The value of meeting new people (offline)

April 21 2016

Hectic schedules and limited time pushes “meeting new people” down priority lists. But new people can add spark to your life. From work strategies to personal motivation, even brief encounters can leave a lifetime mark. A meaningful conversation can inspire you to try something new, do better work, become a more thoughtful person, or keep going down the right path.

Online we’re exposed to new tactics and images, but face-to-face encounters are more…


13 lessons to be learned from expats

April 14 2016
  1. It’s OK to not understand everything that is happening around you all of the time.
  2. True friends will keep in touch.
  3. Don’t compare your life, your successes, your failures or your progress with anyone else.
  4. Take time to connect with the people around you. See them for who they really are.
  5. Never stop learning.
  6. Use social media sparingly.
  7. Drink alcohol in moderation.
  8. Build community. Seek out and find…

The long game

April 07 2016

It’s temping to go after the immediate. “Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” reinforces the tangible, encouraging the pursuit of results that can be seen. But what if the best results aren’t just around the corner — instead, that payoff, that freedom, that title, that responsibility is waiting; 1 year, 3 years, 7 years down the line? Would your strategy change? Would your work ethic and your daily…


Give, give, give and ask (not take)

April 01 2016

A few days ago I listened to this podcast with Gary Vaynerchuck and James Altucher. There are many gems packed into the hour-long segment: advice on entrepreneurship, goal setting and finding your passion. Gary encourages listeners to gear up for the long haul and keep sights focused on that seemingly distant finish line — where freedom, self worth, pride, and a life enjoyed await. He says that most people…


13 conversation starters to get past small talk

March 24 2016

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you want to connect with a stranger and aren’t sure what to say. Asking about the weather and work only goes so far when you find yourself at a dinner table with distant friends-of-friends. Or maybe you’re at a wedding reception and have exhausted the usual pleasantries. Memorize a few of these questions for the next time you’re wanting to move past small…

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