“Good enough.”

May 19 2017

Every hour you are faced with choices that force you to evaluate and re-evaluate your priorities. Often you have to say no to others, disappointing them and maybe even yourself.

How do you judge yourself when you take on different roles? Is your inner voice harsh or condescending?

Your perspective is more than likely more critical than of those around you. What would you say to a friend taking…


Top 10 posts from Project Exponential

May 13 2017

1. 12 questions to turn small talk into real talk
2. 5 rules of hustling
3. What brings people together?
4. A coffee riddle
5. 10 questions to ask at a dinner party (instead of “What do you do?”)
6. The people in your life will make or break you
7. 19 things you can do instead of…


Working backwards, piece by piece

May 06 2017

Vary rarely are goals — especially big ones — accomplished at once. Piece by piece, day by day, small actions lead up to the final result, the dream that inspired you from the beginning. This is why working backwards can help you get what you want.

Set your BIG goal and plan corresponding “mini-goals” that lead you to where you want to be. Often times the end goal can…


If it is worth doing, you’ll want to quit

April 18 2017

“Should I quit or hang in there?” is a question that will accompany any worthwhile project. If you’re not tested, the work probably isn’t on path towards the success you’re hoping for.

“Never quit something with great long-term potential just because you can’t deal with the stress of the moment.” –Seth Godin, The Dip

You will feel tested. You will be challenged. You will want to quit.



Skills for a lifetime

April 14 2017

Learning House began in 2014 to encourage education and leadership. Thousands of young adults have participated in free career counseling and seminars, English language classes and test preparation courses. In 2016, eighteen students reached their dreams of pursuing work and/or higher education abroad (you can see more participation numbers from last year here); I anticipate these numbers will continue to grow.

In the four years I’ve…


To fall in love, do this:

April 10 2017

A few years ago, a NYTimes piece lured readers with the secret to relational bliss. The author detailed her personal experience based on psychological research claiming to make two strangers fall in love. By asking intimate questions and demanding two individuals spend quality time together — even holding each other’s gaze for four minutes — the pair were believed to cement a relationship.

Of course, relationships take…


Confrontation and rejection: an opportunity

April 02 2017

Confrontation and rejection are both uncomfortable, unpleasant situations that no one likes to encounter. Those with a less developed sense of self may interpret confrontation or rejection as a hit to their ego, their self-esteem dependent upon approval and positive feedback from others. As life begins to deal more social situations (and success), rejection matters less. The sting of disapproval doesn’t hold as much weight, and a healthier attitude…


The power of sadness

March 21 2017

Life can throw curveballs. Disappointments can destroy the strongest resolve, even the most focused among us shaken by a series of bad luck and failure. Like fire, heartache can spread.

Yet too often it is easy (and in the most difficult darkness, completely forgivable) to forget the positive, creative power of sadness and grief.

Instead of trying to distinguish or contain this anguish, use it. Find the cause worth…


5 years of connection, inspiration

March 15 2017

Five years of dinners, thousands of connections and friendships formed.

Five years of strangers embracing risk and uncertainty. Questions asked and answered in dining rooms, wine bars, cheese bars, hidden nooks.

Five years of honest conversations and receptivity.

Romances, business partnerships, ideas, and improvements stemming from industry intersections and complementary interests.

Five years ago, when I first invited a group of eighteen entrepreneurs, academics, businessmen and women, writers and…


Selling and cold calls

March 08 2017

Call 1: The worst.
Call 5: Still pretty bad.
Call 10: You care less if someone says no.
Call 12: Someone might be interested.
Call 15: You make a sale.
Call 16: You make another sale.
Call 17: You feel pretty great until someone else says no.
Call 18: You feel bad but make another call anyway.
Call 22: The person asks you to call back next week.
Call 24: Sale.
Call 25: You begin to realize the yes/no/maybe…

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