Change starts with awareness

August 10 2020

What has worked in the past might not work now. Start with your thoughts. Follow them. Make a list of your wishes and fears, doubts and insecurities, the things you want and the conversations you’re having. And challenge them. Ask whether the thoughts you’re having are true. Decide if your conversations are helpful. Are your […]


Look with love

July 25 2020

We have been taught to search for faults, to find the shortcomings not only in ourselves but in others. This is unfortunate for many reasons. By focusing on “what’s wrong,” we lose the opportunity to turn towards ourselves and those around us with acceptance and compassion. Reflecting upon innate worth opens doors to love and […]


5 tips for better creative briefs

July 16 2020

If you want solid results, you have to start working on solid ground. The creative brief provides just that — a foundation for creativity to grow in a meaningful, targeted way. Without an effective creative brief, ideas lack focus. Creative briefs are the necessary siphons for results. Here’s how to begin: Think carefully about your […]


Last year it was 35 acts of kindness. This year: 36 letters.

July 09 2020

Getting older isn’t always looked upon favorably, but I’d like to think I’m becoming more confident and more thoughtful each year. On August 6, I turn 36. Leading up to my birthday, my goal is to write 36 letters. The hope is to share gratitude and inspire generosity and love within my friend circles. Consideration […]


The power of friendship

June 30 2020

“Sometimes I feel that society likes to trick us into thinking that we cannot, or have no interest in, getting along, working together, and standing in support of one another.” Alexandra Elle Relationships are important. Now more than ever before. By encouraging those around us, we can set the bar even higher for ourselves. Examples […]


Draft your dream team

June 25 2020

As the coach of your life, be sure these players are on your team: The Mentor – This is a person you respect and admire, someone who’s “been there.” You see their life and think “That’s what I want.” These people remind you to look at the big picture. An Advisee – Someone you mentor. They are […]


Bookmark your dreams

June 14 2020

Many years ago, a coach gave me an assignment that changed my life. Write down 50 – 100 things you’d like to do. My original list contained almost 90 items, goals ranging from learning to tie a necktie to finishing a marathon. I revisit this list from time to time. It has served as a […]


What keeps you going? (4 ways to spark curiosity)

June 07 2020

I’ve been asked what keeps me motivated. The question echoes when I pick up a book, stop at a piece of art, choose a film, or marvel at a friend’s project. What drives passion and fuels excitement? Curiosity. What keeps you going? I understand when life becomes disenchanting and hard, curiosity isn’t a natural tendency. The ability to […]


You can teach one thing. What is it?

May 26 2020

This question is a favorite at dinners. My answer is always the same: Empathy. “Empathic connection is an understanding of the heart in which we see the beauty in the other person, the divine energy in the other person, the life that’s alive in them.” —Marshall Rosenberg What is empathy? Now, more than ever, empathy […]


Take twenty

May 13 2020

Twenty minutes to pause. Twenty minutes to breathe. To be grateful. To write. To read. To consume. To move. To reflect. To listen. To work. To grieve. To focus. To savor. To feel. To love. To connect. To watch. To rest. Twenty minutes can make the unmanageable manageable, the forgotten remembered, and the overwhelming more […]