The power of sadness

March 21 2017

Life can throw curveballs. Disappointments can destroy the strongest resolve, even the most focused among us shaken by a series of bad luck and failure. Like fire, heartache can spread.

Yet too often it is easy (and in the most difficult darkness, completely forgivable) to forget the positive, creative power of sadness and grief.

Instead of trying to distinguish or contain this anguish, use it. Find the cause worth…


5 years of connection, inspiration

March 15 2017

Five years of dinners, thousands of connections and friendships formed.

Five years of strangers embracing risk and uncertainty. Questions asked and answered in dining rooms, wine bars, cheese bars, hidden nooks.

Five years of honest conversations and receptivity.

Romances, business partnerships, ideas, and improvements stemming from industry intersections and complementary interests.

Five years ago, when I first invited a group of eighteen entrepreneurs, academics, businessmen and women, writers and…


Selling and cold calls

March 08 2017

Call 1: The worst.
Call 5: Still pretty bad.
Call 10: You care less if someone says no.
Call 12: Someone might be interested.
Call 15: You make a sale.
Call 16: You make another sale.
Call 17: You feel pretty great until someone else says no.
Call 18: You feel bad but make another call anyway.
Call 22: The person asks you to call back next week.
Call 24: Sale.
Call 25: You begin to realize the yes/no/maybe…


Your job description

February 28 2017

It’s likely you interviewed for a specific set of tasks and duties, and that these same expectations were reviewed after you took the job. You may notice, however, that the longer you spend in the position, the more you observe inefficiencies — perhaps even inequalities — in your workplace.

“It’s not my job,” is a feeble excuse for standing by when you could be stepping up. Caring often isn’t…


How online courses can make you money

February 20 2017

The Australian Bureau of Statistics cited an almost $47,000 yearly salary difference of those with postgraduate degrees. But “non-traditional” students may feel reluctant signing up for a class at the local campus. There’s an easy answer: online courses.

Researcher Tuan Nguyen found substantial evidence showing that online classes are just as effective as classroom models. Add in flexibility and variety, online programs can be key…


4 ways to turn delegation into an art form

February 13 2017

1. No one can do it like you

Before delegating assignments or tasks, accept the fact the work will not be exactly as you would have done it. This could end up in your favor (a new perspective, an interesting idea, a better method) or drive you crazy (inconsistencies, mistakes, imperfections). Only after you relinquish control will you be able to move forward with your projects.

2. Divvy mindfully

Spending time analyzing your workload and…


What does ease look like?

February 06 2017

What does an “easy life” mean to you? What would you have time for? Do you see friends more often? Are you able to create, read, play? Do you eat differently, sleep better, take different care of your body? Are you more patient, relaxed, or kind?


Dream about a life that feels like swimming through air. Meditate on it.

Then act.

Get rid of unnecessary stuff. Clean your house,…


My father was an immigrant

January 29 2017

My father was an immigrant. He came to America to play soccer (that he did, and that he still does). My mother and he are from two completely different worlds, but they had me, an only child who landed somewhere in the middle. Pieces of them are tucked into the pockets of me: passion and reserve, impulse and calculation, art and measurement.

In school I was ridiculed for not being…


What do you stand for?

How do you define yourself?
Who (and what) are you committed to?
When do you say No?
When (and how) have you failed?
Which decision would you remake?
Where do you spend most of your time?
Who (and what) do you love?
When was the last time you redefined yourself?
Are you afraid of change?


Restoring health

January 21 2017

An ayurvedic center in Nepal offers one month programs for people who have fallen out of good health. The team of practitioners systematically target different elements in the body in the belief that once balance is restored, the person will return to a calmer, more peaceful state of wellbeing. Throughout the month, clients receive weekly recommendations designed to detoxify and restore the body. Therapies incorporate diet, yoga,…

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